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SkylerPlay Stall Mats

  • Product Code:
  • Colour:
  • Black
  • Dimention:
  • 51800mm x 1200mm x 16mm
  • Weight:
  • 10 000g
  • Installation:
  • Lying directly
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  • Available, deliver within a week.

Stall mat is a worldwide popular product used in the dairy cow raising sector of many developed countries. Nowadays, in Vietnam, Stall mat has been trusted by famous brands like TH True Milk, Dutch Lady, Vinamilk..., who have used this product in their infrastructure with an aim to bringing comfort to the animal, and accordingly enhancing the quantity and quality of milk.Some useful details of Stall mats:- Composed of  both natural and artificial rubber.
- Color: mainly black
- Dimension: 51800mm x 1200mm x 16mm (L x W x H)

This is a specialized product used in cattle breeding, which is laid on the floors of farms at such positions as: corridors, milking house, receipt department,...Four outstanding features of stall mats:
Offering absolute comfort for the dairy cows:  Unlike artificial concrete floor built from cement, sand and pebbles that usually make animals feel uneasy; Stall mat creates an ideally natural environment that they find in grasslands. This will help considerably reduce bumpiness and pressure on the animals' legs and hooves.

Protect the cows from injuries caused by skipping and falling: With a rubber surface and corrugated grooves, the mats help the animal avoid falling, even in the wettest environment. Besides, it increases safety and maintain security for the cows whenever they move.  You won't ever have to worry about injuries inflicting on them by falling anymore.

It's user-friendly and super easy to clean: With 100% rubber material, our product can be easily washed and cleaned up without using strong chemical mixtures or detergents, thus is very beneficial to animals' health. In addition, as Stall mat retains warmth, not water, in can hinder the development of harmful bacteria in the surrounding environment.
It boosts fertility in cows: The softness of mats will help the cows feel more secure, thus make them easily enter their estrus. Increased conception rate is an important benefit and is of greatest concern to the farmer.

With such superior qualities, Stall mat not only prevents possible diseases, but help also helps increase productivity for your dairy business. Plus, the milking age of cows will also last much longer.

Stall mat has been trusted and widely used in the dairy industry for such a long time. The introduction of this product into Viet Nam has contributed a lot into the potentiality of this sector in our country, bringing back higher-quality products, and meeting the increasing demand of dairy products on the market.

With 18 years of experience working on rubber products, as well as with the application of EN1177 Standards in our production lines, Phu Viet Rubber Ltd. Phú Việt always commit to provding the first-class stall mat products that are envirnonmentally friendly, and will definitely satisfy your needs. Our products also fits various environment of many different regions.

So as to provide the best service to customers, our customer service team are always handy to help you with instructions on installments, usage, maintenance and warranty.