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Social Responsibility

Our firm commitment throughout all business activities:

- Offer professional service to customers
- Reduce operations cost
- Limit negative impacts on the environment  through green campaigns.
- Foster an attractive working environment.
- Optimize the all the currently available resources.

Over the past years, we are always proud of our incessant efforts in recycling rubber products and executing many other meaninful activities. Our aim is to fulfill our commitments on corporate responsibility toward society and the community.

Skyerplay always try to bring differences to customers by offering solid foundation coming from expertise, competency, collaborative spirit and the results we achieved.

At the same time, we try to provided professional training to our staff of more than 100 employees all over the country so that they can provide the best service to customers.

We maintain our achievements by sticking to the requirements and standards of "Rs" - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Report, Rethink, and Re - Educate.

We keep making efforts to apply new methods of working to maximize efficiency on a natioanl scale. Also, we try to ensure adequate resources to formulate meaningful strides at Skylar Play, as well as all over Vietnam.