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Use In Building Amusement Parks

Psychologists have stated that, playing in a reasonable way will helps kids develops well in both physical and intellectual terms. However, in Ho Chi Minh city, children have very few playgrounds. You may name some famous places like Thao Cam Vien (Botanical Garden), Dam Sen, Funny Lan, Kidsyard,... in several central districts. Yet, the facilities here are still insufficient and can't meet the increasing demand. On the outskirts, places like these are even rarer.

The lack of playgrounds has had an adverse impact on the life, mental development and the formation of kids' soul. This is one of the leading reasons why more and more children are caught with violent video games, erotic substances, laws violation, school violence and many other social evils like taking drugs, or even prostitution...

Because of that, we should understand the kid's demand for playgrounds, which are not just simply places for games, but also is a starting point leading the young generation to a brighter future, with both mental health and physical fitness being attended to.

Faced with this thorny problem, since 2000, many Government bodies have issued Acts on increasing and enhancing the cultural and art activities for kids. Nonetheless, up till now, not many are under execution yet. As a result, cultural houses for the yound are still overloaded.

To create new playgrounds for children, the first thing we should do now is perhaps renovating the old ones, combined with the construction of many mini-playgrounds in small residential areas.

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