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All For Safety

At Skyler Play, we make attempts to operate according to the slogan: "ALL FOR SAFETY".
Children are usually very active, that's why playgrounds built from materials like: cement, coal tar,... tend to easily cause injuries when kids collide or fall.


Some other materials like pebbles, sang, wooden mulches... may better reduce wounds for kids, but their impact on human health is immense, especially on eyes and when being swallowed. Moreover, these materials may degrade other facilities.


Therefore, to have a safe playground and to preserve equipments, you are highly recommended to use our Skyler Play rubber tiles. Our rubber tiles are designed to optimize friction and force absorption, prevent incidences of falling, contribute to environment conservation. Easy to be installed, Skyler Play rubber will save you a whole bunch of cost.


Skyler Play rubber tiles can be used as an addition over floors made of concrete, coal tar, pebbles or sand.